Axelrod Hosts Duckworth Fundraiser

Rep. Joe Walsh (8th) is officially campaigning in a new district, and Tammy Duckworth is moving fast on taking over his current one.

Duckworth, running for Congress in the 8th, is teaming up with Obama campaign strategist and former presidential advisor David Axelrod.

Axelrod spoke at an event for Duckworth Thursday afternoon, and took no time in pitting her agains the incumbent in that district, Joe Walsh.

"I think he's spent most of his time auditioning for a national conservative radio," Axelrod said.

Duckworth on Wednesday shot back at Walsh for jumping ship on the 8th District to campaign in the 14th District against Rep. Randy Hultgren.

"Faced with running against Tammy Duckworth, Joe Walsh cut and ran," said Duckworth campaign manager Josh Levin in a statement released hours after Walsh's announcement. "His retreat makes it clear what the voters told Joe Walsh -- pack your bags."

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