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Avoid Planting ‘Stinky Trees' This Spring, Officials Warn

The Arboretum noted the flowers "have an odd scent."

With fresh plants coming into bloom this spring, officials are warning against planting particular "stinky trees" across the Midwest.

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department in Indiana recommended against planting the Bradford pear, or Callery pear, trees which carry white flowers and a peculiar smell, according to WTHR-TV.

These trees have invasive traits, according to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, that enable them to "spread aggressively" and invade other species. The Arboretum noted the flowers "have an odd scent."

Photo taken in Buckner, United States

Callery pear trees originated from Korea and China, making the typically targeted by insects such as the Eastern tent caterpillar and the leaf roller, the Arboretum's website said.

Officials recommend planting trees after further research on which species will best survive various climates and conditions. To find the best tree or plant for you, click here.

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