Winter Weather

Winter Weather Tips: Put Together Emergency Kit for Snowy Travel Conditions

The area will get its first snowfall of the season in the overnight hours Thursday and Friday

With the first snowfall of the season heading toward the Chicago area, authorities are offering tips to drivers to stay safe as wintry weather arrives.

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways released a statement Thursday saying that they are ready to deal with the wintry conditions that are expected to impact the region over the next 24 hours.

Up to an inch of snow is expected in some places, and other areas could see a wintry mix of rain and snow as the first winter event of the season.

Ready to start up your snow blower for the winter season? Before you do, check out these tips from meteorologist Joey Miller.

The DoTH also recommends that motorists keep the following items in their cars:


Cell phone charger

Emergency flares

Extra hats, socks, and mittens

First aid kit

Flashlight, with extra batteries

Flourescent distress flag and whistle

Jumper cables

Matches and small candles

Pocket knife

Road salt, sand, or cat litter for tire traction


Snack food

Tow chain or rope


Windshield scraper and broom

The department also recommends that motorists store the items in the passenger compartment of their cars, in case their trunk gets jammed or is frozen shut.

If you find yourself stranded during a snowstorm, it is recommended that you stay with your car. Walking in wintry conditions is very hazardous, the department says, and you have better odds of being helped if you stay with your vehicle.

If you end up stuck, only run your car engine for 10 minutes every hour to help save fuel, power, and to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep the area clear around your exhaust pipe to prevent fumes from getting into the vehicle.

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