Air Spud

Lay's advertises potato chips using lifelike, dangling potatoes

There are tubers in the tubes, just don't try to eat them. They ain't real.

Ornamenting the tunnel's ceiling until Sunday, these potatoes are the latest ad scheme from Lay’s potato chips.

Lay’s, together with Atomic Props & Effects and the CTA’s advertising contractor Titan Worldwide, created the hanging potato art to promote Lay’s “Closer than you think” campaign. The campaign aims to enlighten consumers on the Americanism of Lay’s potato chips, which are made from USA-grown potatoes on local farms.

Frito-Lay even created a “Chip Tracker,” which allows chip munchers to find out exactly how close to home their chips’ potatoes were grown by typing in the first three digits beneath the expiration date on their bag of chips.

Lay’s has got our eyes ogling at the sight of their potatoes on our daily CTA routes.

We can only hope that next they’ll have the freshly made potato chip scent ruminating through the CTA air vents. That’s what we’d call advertising.

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