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Attack Ad Skewers Rep. Dunkin Over Ties to Rauner, Rahm

Group releases ad attacking Rep. Dunkin's record, ties

In an ad that debuted Wednesday, Rep. Ken Dunkin was criticized for allegedly colluding with Gov. Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel and acting against the interests of his constituents.

"Ken Dunkin has sold you down the river to Gov. Bruce Rauner and his boys,” the ad by Citizens Against Corruption chairman William J. Kelly says.

Dunkin has come under fire from fellow democrats after holding out on a bill that could have prevented cuts from social services.

Dunkin also received a $500,000 campaign contribution from a group with Republican ties. The donation is the largest in the history of the state.

“Murders are up, jobs are gone but Ken Dunkin don't care 'cause he just got paid $500,000 dollars from Bruce Rauner's boys,” the ad says.

Dunkin responded to the ad, claiming his district is suffering as a result of political gamesmanship.

"It just shows that Mike Madigan and the party bosses will stop at nothing to maintain their power," Dunkin told Ward Room. "I wish they would spend as much time and energy trying to bring people together, as they do tearing our communities apart."

Dunkin earlier made headlines after Rauner's State of the State address when he came to a news conference with a backpack and sleeping bag promising to camp out at House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office until the state’s budget stalemate was resolved.

"I fought the speaker and the governor to get $2 billion in funding released for my constituents," Dunkin said earlier this week. "My opponent's plan is to follow the speaker's plan, which is to remain silent. The quickest way to ensure the residents of the 5th District don't have a voice is to turn our district over to another Mike Madigan rubber stamp."

The ad also chastises Dunkin for endorsing Emanuel’s 2015 mayoral campaign.

“Dunkin endorsed Rahm - Rauner's other boy - too,” the ad says. “Ken Dunkin is for Rahm and Rauner. He isn't for us."

Kelly broke campaign finance caps in 2014 when he donated $100,000 to his own mayoral campaign.

The ad will begin playing on radio stations in Dunkin’s 5th District this week.

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