As Severe Weather Season Approaches, Data Shows Which Month Sees Most Tornadoes in Chicago Area

A significant spring storm will impact the Midwest this weekend with blizzard conditions expected over the northern Plains and Upper Midwest.

The storm system will also bring the potential for severe weather for places like Kansas City and down to Houston. Chicago will see little of everything with showers, a few thunderstorms (non-severe), and a mix of rain and snow on the back side of the storm system Sunday.

Spring can be a busy time of year for complex storm systems like this, but when does our severe weather season really get going?

April, May and June are the peak months for severe weather in Chicago, but the area has seen tornadoes reported in every single month of the year.

What month do you think on average has the most tornadoes?

Based off of data collected by the National Weather Service dating back to 1950 thirty percent of all tornadoes happen in June. Most of the other months are single percentages.

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