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Chicago Man Faces Terrorism Charge

Sebastian Senakiewicz arrested after police with search warrant bust in looking for "explosive or incendiary devices"



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    Sabastian Senakiewicz

    A Chicago man accused of planning to build a Molotov cocktail to be used during the NATO Summit was charged with terrorism and making a false threat.

    Sebastian Senakiewicz, 24, also was charged Saturday with conspiracy and unlawful use of a weapon after a raid on the home in which he was staying.

    Police who arrested Senakiewicz were armed with a search warrant indicating they were searching for "explosive or incendiary devices," as well as bomb triggers, documents on making explosives, and "maps, diagrams, and drawings of the Chicago Metropolitan area."

    Senakiewicz was arrested by 16th District police officers Thursday afternoon, after they raided the home in which he was staying in the 3600 block of North Odell Avenue.

    "The first thing I heard was a huge explosion sound when they were busting my door open," said homeowner David Griffiths. "I was laying on the couch. I put my hands up. They told me to lay down on the floor. I put my hands behind my back and they handcuffed me."

    A search warrant issued earlier in the day indicated that police were not only seeking incendiary devices, but also "any and all objects which could be used as a disguise or a container for an explosive or incendiary device."

    Griffiths said Senakiewicz is a friend of the family and that his parents live in Florida. He suggested his tenant was not capable of any such diabolical acts.

    "Does the kid have issues, yeah," Griffiths said. "He’s a young, 24-year-old kid who probably has a drinking problem."

    "I don’t know if the kid is guilty of anything," Griffiths added, noting that he believed Senakiewicz had been attending meetings for an alcohol problem. "I think on a good day if he could rub two brain cells together and one of them wasn’t drunk, that would probably be an accomplishment."

    Griffiths said Senakiewicz had been living with him for "7 or 8 weeks."