Armadillos May be Moving to Midwest

Omnivore more commonly seen in southern states

Global warming may be making the Midwest a more inviting place ... at least for some creatures.

An animal common to southern states appears to be making its way into Indiana.

Four armadillos have been found dead as road kill in southern Indiana since 2003, with the first of the nine-banded armadillo found near the Illinois state line in Gibson County. Others were found in Dubois and Vanderburgh counties in southern Indiana.

Indiana State University biology professor John Whitaker said armadillos can survive mild winters and may be expanding their range to Indiana.

Armadillos are mammals with a hard outer shell, about the size of a large house cat. Their main diet is insects and grubs.

Johnson said southern Indiana residents may see evidence of the armadillos digging in soft soil for grubs.


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