Animal Shelter Asks for Donations After Air Conditioning Fails, Surpasses Goal

A northern Illinois animal shelter surpassed its goal of raising $20,000 Father's Day weekend after the air conditioning in the facility failed Friday.

The Animal House Shelter, located in Huntley, is a 6000-square-foot building and according to the facility’s operators, the air conditioning is damaged beyond repair and must be fully replaced at an estimated cost of $20,000.  

“We house approximately 200 pets at the facility,” the shelter’s GoFundMe page said. “Please help the animals have a comfortable place to rest while they await their forever homes.”

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As of Sunday morning, the shelter has surpassed their goal raising nearly $27,000 with over 500 people donating to the cause.

Donations can also be dropped off in person at the shelter, or by visiting the shelter’s website. 

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