Alderman Asks for More Police Amid Rash of Car Break-Ins in Wicker Park

A string of car break-ins in Wicker Park has area residents on edge.

The rash of smash-and-grabs on and around the 2000 block of West Le Moynee Street has prompted neighbors and Ald. Brian Hopkins to ask for more police in the area.

“We asked the 14th District to increase patrols in the overnight hours,” Hopkins said. “From what we can tell, this tends to happened between 2 and 4 a.m. The streets are empty, no one’s out, no one to watch you.”

The targeted areas appear to have been on quiet, tree-lined streets in the popular neighborhood.

“They were looking for something valuable,” said victim Ryan Nicholson. “As soon as I looked in I could see all my insurance scattered from the glove box. Door’s damaged now.”

Hopkins said he also plans to add cameras to the street.

“I’m willing to pay for that out of my aldermanic budget,” Hopkins said.

Victims are being asked to file reports with 311.

“It’s a major concern, especially when you step out of your car and you step into glass,” Nicholson said. “You’re wondering if you’re going to be the next person.”

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