A Group of Republicans Push for Madigan's Resignation Amidst Sexual Harassment Allegations

A group of Republican lawmakers and candidates are calling on House Speaker Mike Madigan to resign, criticizing his leadership in the wake of recent sexual harassment allegations—just a week after Madigan fired his chief of staff.

Tim Mapes, the long-time chief of staff to Madigan, was fired last week; the fourth member of his inner circle to face allegations of harassment, bullying or abuse. On Monday, a group of conservative republicans said that nothing will change unless Madigan is out.

The group of four elected Republicans and the others GOP candidates for state office say it's time for Democrats in the Illinois House to act. They not only demand that Madigan resign, but they also want to appoint a new independent legislative inspector general and change the process, giving those who speak out a larger voice.

In recent months, Madigan's inner circle—from Kevn Quinn to Shaw Decremer, as well as State Rep. Lou Lang and Mapes—have all faced harassment allegations and were quickly reprimanded, in some cases, they were removed entirely from political posts tied to Madigan.  

Sen. Dick Durbin asked Speaker Madigan to let women leaders choose Mapes' replacement as executive director of the state party.Madigan's spokesman told NBC 5 "not sure any news here and the speaker will remain in office."

Earlier this year, after a bullying allegation surfaced, Madigan removed long-time top campaign aide Decremer from political campaigns. Decremer then lost several lobbying clients like ComEd, but he's since recovered from that setback and now lists new clients, including the NBA. 

NBC 5 reached out for a comment but Decremer did not respond.

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