Wrigley Rooftop Inspections Fall Short: Report - NBC Chicago

Wrigley Rooftop Inspections Fall Short: Report

Health inspectors are not inspecting rooftops that serve food surrounding Wrigley Field, a report shows



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    A new report shows those who dine on the Wrigley rooftops while taking in a Cubs game don't get the same treatment as those who eat inside the stadium.

    The Chicago Tribune found the food served on the privately owned pieces of property isn't inspected as it should be. In fact, many of the rooftops have escaped any inspections by the city's health department, which checks the food to make sure it's prepared, cooked and served safely.

    City health officials admit they have fallen behind.

    They also say they treat the rooftops like bars, only checking them when there is a complaint.

    Records show 10 of the 16 rooftops surrounding Wrigley Field have never been inspected. Five others have failed at least one inspection in recent years.

    Of two rooftops checked this year, one had black slime falling onto ice cubes in an ice machine.

    City code mandates places that serve food get routinely inspected at least once a year.