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Wisconsin Judge Criticized for Hitler Reference

Appeals court calls for re-sentencing



    Wisconsin Judge Criticized for Hitler Reference
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    A Wisconsin judge made some questionable comments during his sentencing.

    In many online forums, tradition holds that whoever first makes an inappropriate or exaggerated comparison to Hitler during a debate automatically loses.

    A federal judge in eastern Wisconsin just "lost" his sentencing.

    The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago took issue with the comments Judge Rudolph Randa made while sentencing convicted drug dealer, Jose Figueroa.

    Along with references to "you people," Randa talked about Hitler's dog before sentencing Figueroa to 235 months in prison, according to the appeals court opinion.

    Figueroa had requested leniency because he was a family man. Randa dismissed the petition, saying "even Adolph Hitler was admired by his family. Adolf Hitler loved his dog. Yet he killed six million Jews," according to the opinion.

    As the Internet would say... WTF?

    "We conclude that the district court's process was so far out of bounds that Figueroa is entitled to resentencing," wrote appeals court judge Diane Wood.

    A different judge will sentence Figueroa.

    Randa FAIL.

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