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Wade's Wife Bolts Courthouse Without Signing Papers

Siohvaughn Wade has become a spectacle



    Dwyane Wade said he's pleased that a judge gave him and hiw estranged wife equal visitation of their two young boys. (Published Friday, May 28, 2010)

    Dwyane Wade's wife appeared in Chicago court Friday -- but not for long.

    Siohvaughn Wade left the courthouse Friday morning without signing documents the judge asked her to sign, including an order spelling out the visitation schedule and future court dates. Her attorney, Marsha Fisher, scrambled frantically after Mrs. Wade and tried to get her back in the courtroom.

    Mrs. Wade apparently didn't like what the judge had to say.

    Judge Marya Nega told Mrs. Wade that the custody trial would start July 19 -- whether she has an attorney or not.

    Fisher, who is the 9th attorney to represent Siohvaughn during divorce proceedings with Dwyane over the last two years, filed an emergency request Wednesday to quit the case. She cited “irreconcilable differences” in court documents filed in Cook County Court, according to NBCMiami.

    Nega, apparently, was exasperated.

    "If you don't have an attorney that is ready, willing, and able to represent you, then you're Perry Mason; you're going to be representing yourself," said Nega.

    Dwyane Wade, meanwhile, was calm and pleasant after the hearing, saying he's pleased with how things went today and is looking forward to spending time with his two boys (ages 3 and 8) this summer.

    Siohvaughn has made a spectacle of herself during the drawn out battle. Earlier this month she filed suit against Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade’s actress girlfriend, accusing her of engaging in sexual foreplay in front of their children.

    She followed that up by not appearing in court for a scheduled hearing. That move brought a contempt charge and netted her a bench warrant, a few minutes in jail and $50,000 bond.

    It’s enough to drive any lawyer batty. Previous counsel Dorene Marcus, Burton Hochberg, Michael Berger, David Stein, John Rokacz, Rosaire Nottage, Andrew Leinoff, and Michael Bruck would probably agree -- all but one of them quit Mrs. Wade as well.

    If Wade continues her behavior, or doesn't show up for court Friday, she will be in danger of losing her children.

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