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Drivers Say Sniper Shooting Cars in Northwest Indiana

Six vehicles, including two school buses, hit since Dec. 13



    Drivers Say Sniper Shooting Cars in Northwest Indiana
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    A Thomaston woman died after falling on her glass coffee table.

    Police in Crown Point, Ind. are stepping up security along 109th Avenue after a series of incidents involving someone shooting at passing vehicles.

    The most recent case occurred Wednesday afternoon.  A woman told police that her driver's side window suddenly shattered while she was driving along 109th Avenue near Arizona Street.  Three additional cases have been reported in the same area since Dec. 24.

    "To say I was having palpitations is an understatement.  It was pretty scary," said Don Duquette, who was on his way to work at 6 a.m. on Christmas Eve when the back window of his vehicle was struck with either a pellet or BB.  "I heard a "kablam" and my back window was shattered and I could see nothing out of it so I drove about 600 feet up ahead and took a couple breaths and called 911."

    In all, about six drivers -- including the drivers of two school buses -- reported being hit in the area since Dec. 13.  While there have so far been no injuries, officials are increasingly concerned about the frequency of the incidents. 

    Lake County Sheriff John Buncich said that school buses are now varying their routes in an attempt to eliminate any further incidents.

    Police searched the scene on the ground and via helicopter and conducted interviews in the area Wednesday, but have not come up with any solid leads.

    Similar incidents over the last few years have at times put drivers on alert.

    Last year, at least three drivers were shot driving through Northwest Indiana.  And in 2006, numerous drivers reported having their windows and windshields shattered as they drove along Cline Avenue.