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Vehicle Emergency Kit: Mountain Dew?

Man and dog survived snow-buried SUV for 3 days with water and soda



    Vehicle Emergency Kit: Mountain Dew?
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    Where's the Dew?

    As the snow continues to pile up today, we want to make sure you are stocked up on essentials: toilet paper, bread, batteries... and Mountain Dew?

    A 31-year-old Indiana man survived for three days in his SUV stuck in deep snow in Colorado, keeping himself hydrated with snow and Mountain Dew.

    Jason Sede was driving from Dulce (New Mexico) to Pueblo (Colorado) to deliver an Australian Shepherd rescue dog. He planned to drive through Aspen in order to pick up another animal delivery there.

    But he never made it to Aspen. Pede, of Chesterton (Indiana), said a local had told him about a shortcut to the resort town through the Rio Grande National Forest. But Pede was unfamiliar with the roads, and he got lost and stuck in the white-out conditions.

    Pede and the dog stayed in the heated car to keep warm, drinking a couple cans of Mountain Dew, a bottle of water, and snow that Pede melted with a fire he made, according to the Denver Post.

    But when the fire was out and the last of his gasoline was gone on Sunday morning, Pede knew he had to look for help. He wasn't sure he'd survive the night in single-digit temperatures.

    Leaving the dog with the Lincoln Navigator, Pede walked seven miles before he came across another road. He used a flashlight to signal passing cars for help before collapsing.

    Fortunately, Pede will be able to safely go home to his wife and three children.

    And the dog was also eventually delivered unharmed to Pueblo.

    Let this be a reminder. There is no shortcut to safety.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.