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"Star Trek" Out-Phasers "Star Wars"

Warrenville filmmaker gives his take on long-standing "Star Wars" dilemma



    "Star Trek" Out-Phasers "Star Wars"

    Many a nerd has debated the merits of Star Wars vs. Star Trek. One Warrenville kid boldly took the debate where no one has taken it before. 

    Bill Parker, created the 3-minute 25-second space video to answer the one question all Jedis pondered for decades: Where do those yellow introductory words go after flying by?

    The 20-year-old thought of the idea while a student at Wheaton Warrenville South High School four years ago, the Daily Herald reports. 

    "I put in the back of my mind until I learned enough stuff and was ready to do it the way I knew it could be done," Parker said.

    The Taylor University sophomore studying media communications specializing in film spent $100 on computer software to create the visual effects. His film shows the floating words raining down on his hometown attacking his friends until the original USS Enterprise destroyed the text with lasers.

    Parker's effects looked so real his mom worried he blew up parts of town.

    "I was slightly concerned that the possibly there was some actual fire involvement in the making of the video," Julie Parker said. "I was worried about insurance liability and lawyer fees."

    Parker assured his mom he created the cell tower and public works garage wall explosions.

    The video can be found on YouTube by searching "Star Wars vs. Star Trek." Almost 500,000 people have watched the space franchises battle above the western suburb. The film has loyal Trekkies and Jedis firing laser beams over why their favorite franchise rocks more.

    "I actually do appreciate the comments when they say Star Wars is better than Star Trek," said Parker, who claims he loves both
    sagas equally.

    Hollywood hasn't come knocking to sweep up the budding filmmaker yet. However, Parker's thrilled with his growing fan base.

    "I'm kind of busy with school right now, so that's a reason to not jump into any sequel. Plus, I'm kind of empty on ideas. I figured I"ll let them cook a little until I do something else big," Parker said.