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Sox vs. Cubs: Who's Got the Cheaper Brew? reports beer prices at MLB stadiums



    Sox vs. Cubs: Who's Got the Cheaper Brew?
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    Will these fans pay more for beer this year? One website calculated the cost to find out.

    Chicago Cubs fans may consider changing their allegiances if they’re looking to enjoy a cheap brew at the next game.

    The website, Save on Brew, documented 2012 beer prices at Major League Baseball stadiums, comparing price per ounce across the country. According to the site's data, about 73 million people will drink 10 million cups of beer at ballparks.

    This year Sox fans will pay 41cents per ounce, matching the MLB average and bringing the price to $6.50 for a 16-ounce cup of beer. Cubs fans will hand over a little extra, though: 44 cents per ounce, or $7 per 16-ounce cup.

    North Siders shouldn't feel too bad, though.

    Boston Red Sox fans pay the most: 60 cents per ounce, or $7.25 for a 12-ounce serving at Fenway Park. St. Louis Cardinals followed with $6.75 for a 12-ounce cup, and Toronto Blue Jays were close behind with $7.19 for a 14-ounce beer.

    Among the cheapest prices for brews were the Colorado Rockies at 34 cents per ounce followed by the Angels whose fans only pay 32 centers per ounce, and the Diamondbacks, whose fans pay 29 cents per ounce at Chase Field.

    See the full list at to find out how much you're paying compared to the MLB average.