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Sidekick Users Seek $75K in Class Action Suit



    Sidekick Users Seek $75K in Class Action Suit
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    The sidekick crapped out.

    Sidekick owners value their data highly.

    That must be why a class action lawsuit aimed at Microsoft and its subsidiary Danger Inc. seeks $75,000 per plaintiff because of an October snafu that temporarily wiped their phones clean, according to the Sun-Times.

    "Inexplicably and without notice, hundreds of telephone numbers, notes, Internet bookmarks, saved e-mail messages, and other information simply vanished from their trusty Sidekicks," the suit, which was filed in Cook County, states.

    Despite early pronouncements from Microsoft that the data could be recovered, Sidekick users are still missing songs, phone numbers and email messages that disappeared two months ago.

    T-Mobile, which sells the phones and provides support, had been offering customers $20 to refund the cost of one month of data use on the phone.

    Judging by the damages sought, $20 ain’t going to cut it.