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School Lets Out for Summer ...

Huberman recommends enrolling in summer programs



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    Nothing sends a positive message about reading like a crass photo of a kid with his head in a trash can.

    School’s out for summer … and officials are worried about safety.

    Thirty-three students have already been killed this year, and with 400,000 plus CPS students out and about, there’s a heightened chance of violence.

    The very real threat of violence has many parents wondering what to do. 

    “We share the concern of every single parent about the issue of violence,” CEO Ron Huberman said outside Dominguez Elementary Friday morning. “We can’t do it all, we need the parents engaged.”

    Huberman said there are numerous programs through the Park District and the Chicago Public Schools that parents should take advantage of in order to keep their children engaged in productive pursuits this summer. He said parents should consider putting their children in newly created summer learning programs. 

    “We’re encouraging all parents across the city to take advantage of city programs,” Huberman said.

    Summer school starts Monday.

    In other school news, Huberman said he would personally look at the case of Dan Coyne, the CPS social worker who donated a kidney to a grocery store worker only to be threatened with firing because he lived in Evanston. The school's CEO made no promises about Hoyne's case, however.