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NU Student Could Win Korea's Version of "Idol"

His rival says he jealous of Park's "soft smile"



    NU Student Could Win Korea's Version of "Idol"
    John Park wows the judges -- especially Shania Twain.

    Former "American Idol" contestant, John Park, is waiting to hear if he's the best in Korea.

    The Northwestern University student is serenading "Superstar K" fans these days. He's one of two finalists on the Korean show with a format similar to "Idol. He'll learn Friday if he will be crowned the champion," the Sun-Times reports.

    Park made it to the top 20 of season nine of "Idol." However, fans sent the crooner back to his campus a capella group "Purple Haze."

    The Northbrook native is not wasting his second chance at fame.

    Park is competing against singer Heo Gak, who told he's jealous of Park's "soft smile and his flawless English pronunciation."

    While envy is flowing from his competitor, love is coming from his female fans.

    The same Korean music fan website is reporting Park is a lady's man.