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Police Break Up Junior High Fight Club

A group of junior high students in Naperville were busted by police after they formed a fight club



    Police Break Up Junior High Fight Club

    The first rule of fight club: You do not talk about fight club.

    But that's not the case in Naperville. Police say they busted a group of Jefferson Junior High students having fights in the locker room.

    The students, ages 11 to 13, all met voluntarily outside the school locker room.  Some then posted cell phone videos of the fights on YouTube, school officials said.

    "I don't know if it's a lack of other outlets for them. But they are watching You Tube.  It's a pretty big contributor to what's going on.  There's the drive for everyone to put things on YouTube and get recognition. The fight clubs are dangerous," said one parent Jamie Lingle whose child was not involved in the fights.

    School officials said they became aware of the club after noticing the students acting strange.  One even had a black eye, they said.

    "Each student volunteered to take part so this was not a case of bullying.  There were no serious injuries," said a District 203 spokeswoman in a statement, adding that the fights were recorded on cellphones.

    The students involved were disciplined, but officials aren't commenting on what punishment they faced, citing confidentiality rules.

    School officials said it has now secured the locker room areas before and after school.  And they said the fights are not a trend and they have not seen multiple incidents of it.