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Naperville To Cap Red Light Cameras

Traffic cameras currently are used at three intersections



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    In a surprise move Tuesday night, the Naperville City Council decided it will turn off red-light cameras at three busy intersections.

    For the last three years, cameras have captured drivers blowing through red lights in the intersections of Route 59 and North Aurora Road, Route 59 and Diehl Road, and Ogden and Aurora avenues.

    But those spots might not warrant the use of cameras, the council found.

    City council members say two violations per day at Ogden and Aurora isn't enough for the city to keep paying for the system and no other city intersections have enough crash numbers to warrant putting them elsewhere, according to the Daily Herald.

    The two cameras along Route 59 already must come down for construction slated to begin late next year. An Illinois Department of Transportation policy states consideration for the cameras to be re-installed happens after evaluation of at least three years of post-construction crash data.

    City Manager Doug Krieger says he believes the construction on Route 59 to widen the highway will eliminate the need for photo enforcement.

    The cameras officially will be turned off Jan. 3.