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Teen Loses Pants Evading Cops

Suspected of underage drinking



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    Cops scared the pants off an underage drinker this weekend. Literally.

    Just after midnight on Sunday, Garrett Weiberg 18 of Park Ridge was walking down Crescent Avenue with two friends, said police. He was carrying what appeared to be a can of beer, according to the Sun-Times..

    However, as a police officer and two community volunteers approached the group, Weiberg reportedly shoved the can into his pocket.

    The officer, smelling alcohol, ordered Weiberg twice to place his hands in the air. Weiberg refused and ran away, reports the Sun-Times.

    Weiberg outran the cop, who then called for back-up. Two other officers caught up with the teen as he was climbing a tree on Vine Avenue But at this point he didn't have on any pants, shoes, or underwear.

    Weiberg was arrested and charged with underage drinking and three counts of resisting a police officer.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

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