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Marlins Introduce Ozzie as New Manager



    Ousted White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen says he feels his "baseball blood" is pumping again with his transition to the Florida Marlins. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011)

    Ozzie Guillen has moved on.

    The former White Sox manager was introduced Wednesday afternoon by the Florida Marlins as the team's new manager. Guillen called the move a big step in his career and said he's "very excited" to take the position.

    "The only thing I guarantee, I guarantee in front of all these people, you're going to see the same guy day in and day out," Guillen said during a press conference in Florida. " Lose or win, the players will find out who Ozzie really is."

    And Ozzie isn't one to keep thoughts to himself.

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    Guillen tweeted Tuesday he was "ready to go" with the Florida Marlins, and his website leaked news of him accepting the role even though the team had yet to confirm a deal. So there wasn't much left to reveal during the Wednesday introduction.

    "We're going to continue to work for the fans in Miami," Guillen said.

    Guillen was released from his White Sox contract Monday at his own request, allowing him to pursue other opportunities.

    Ozzie Guillen's Goodbye

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    Guillen, who played shortstop for the Sox and has managed the team for eight years, had only one year left on his contract and had been very vocal about seeking an extension -- demands that the Sox brass was not willing to meet.

    "We certainly cannot thank Ozzie enough for all he has done during his eight seasons as manager of the Chicago White Sox, highlighted by an unforgettable 2005 World Series championship," said White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf in a statement.

    Guillen said he's eager to work with Marlins' players, to manage in the team's new park and, of course, to win games.

    "There's one thing I can promise anyone here," he said of the players. "They wil play the game right and they will play the game hard."