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Man With Gun Holds Up Chicago-Bound Megabus



    South Side Chicago bus driver refuses to give up the bus to the suspect saying it's not the first time he's had a gun pointed at him. (Published Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

    Police say a man with a gun tried to hijack a Megabus bound for Chicago on Monday.

    The bus was leaving downtown Columbus, Ohio when police say Arsenio Rodriguez held a gun to the driver's head.

    Jon Gleason, of Chicago, was one of the passengers on the bus.

    "Someone was shouting below saying, 'Get off,' telling the driver to get off the bus, saying he wanted the keys still in the ignition. The guy sitting next to me gestured that he had a gun," Gleason said.

    But despite being held at gunpoint, the driver wouldn't budge.

    "He said he'd grown up on the South Side of Chicago, said it wasn't the first time he had a gun pointed at him, but yeah, he wasn't getting out of the bus for anything," Gleason said.

    Police say a responding officer approached the scene and fired at the Rodriquez, striking him in the arm and ending the threat.

    A passenger was also hit and suffered a minor graze wound to his hip and was treated and released from a local hospital.

    "We all rushed to get a shirt and put pressure on his wound," Gleason said.

    Police say the gun the suspect held was actually an Airsoft BB pistol that looked like the real thing.

    Rodriguez, of Maryland, was charged with robbery. Police say he has a history of mental illness.

    Another bus eventually took the passengers to Chicago, albeit two hours late.