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Chicago Man Completes 24-Hour Treadmill Run for Charity



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    no description (Published Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014)

    A Chicago man who began running on a treadmill for charity Friday morning has finished his run 24 hours and 100 miles later.

    Dave Coligado was running on a treadmill in the Lululemon store at Rush and Walton to raise money to pay for 100 cleft lip or palate surgeries for children in need.

    "My legs have seen better days, but I did it," Coligado said. "I did it with everyone's support."

    Although Coligado finished his 100 miles in 24 hours, he still needs about $3,000 more to meet his fundraising goal of $25,000. To donate to his cause, visit the Smile Train website.

    Coligado said his inspiration for the run began during a trip to South Africa.

    “I saw a group of kids playing. There was one kid with a bilateral cleft, he was by himself, he had no friends,” he said. “We take things like that completely for granted. We had modern medicine, that’s automatically fixed. But there, they will live with that for the rest of their life.”

    Coligado says running on a treadmill changed his life 13 years ago when he lost 130 pounds. He’s hoping to use it again to change the lives of others.

    "While I know that I cannot change the world overnight, I know that I can at least change the lives of 100 children," he wrote on his fundraising website.