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Man Films Stunning "Bird's Eye View" of Chicago

“This is just a pure passion project for me"



    A freelance photographer made a film with stunning shots of Chicago from "a bird's eye view." Watch the full footage here . (Published Friday, July 25, 2014)

    Freelance photographer Colin Hinkle wanted to capture new views of Chicago, so he flew his quad-copter above the city, and the results are stunning.

    Using his DJI Phanton 2 quad copter, Hinkle spent two weeks capturing scenes around Chicago and compiling them into a video showcasing the city.

    “As a photographer I’m always trying to get new interesting angles on photos and video,” Hinkle said. “I started seeing these videos and I would see these angles on shots and I was like ‘How are people getting these angles?’”

    The 34-year-old did some research and ultimately bought the $1,000 device and added accessories.

    He then flew it around 10 locations throughout Chicago, including the Chicago River, Northerly Island, Buckingham Fountain, Lake Shore Drive and several others.

    Hinkle said the shots were all filmed during early morning hours or late evening hours to avoid large crowds of people.

    “This is just a pure passion project for me,” he said. “This is just something that I do and something I enjoy.”

    He hopes to make similar videos with footage in the Ozarks in Missouri and also on upcoming trips to Poland and Norway.

    Watch the full footage here.