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Caught with Drugs 3 Times While Awaiting Trial

Faces up to 30 years in prison



    Caught with Drugs 3 Times While Awaiting Trial
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    Once they're already in trouble, most people try to amend their behavior to prevent further digging themselves into a hole.

    But not Chad Lowrence of Crystal Lake. The 32-year-old was arrested three times while waiting for his trial concerning a 2008 residential burglary, reports the Daily Herald.

    Perhaps he's a slow learner.

    In 2008, Lowrence was found by police in a Barrington home with the resident's jewelry in his pockets. He was arrested and freed on bond.

    Now, you would think he would just sit tight and keep his nose clean until his trial. But according to the Daily Herald:

    On March 6, [Assistant State's Attorney Brett] Henne said, Wauconda police stopped Lowrence's car on Route 176 and discovered two small packages and a hypodermic needle with heroin residue on them.

    Tower Lakes police stopped Lowrence's vehicle on Route 59 on April 24, Henne said, and found 13 small tin foil packets containing heroin and five hypodermic syringes in the vehicle.

    On May 6, Henne said, Zion police stopped Lowrence's car in the 2300 block of Hebron Avenue and found nine small packets containing heroin and 11 small packets containing cocaine.

    Dude! Put the drugs down already!

    Ahem, allegedly.

    Lowrence pleaded not guilty to the four counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession with intent to deliver.

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