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Lollapalooza Clean Up Gets Costly



    Lollapalooza Clean Up Gets Costly
    The damage caused by Lollapalooza will cost about $266,000 to repair, and there's no clear timeline for when the work will be completed.

    It's going to cost six figures to clean up Lollapalooza's mess.

    To muck out the mess left by the annual three-day music festival, it'll cost  $266,000, and there's no set deadline for when the repairs will be complete, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Portions of Grant Park will be closed off into September due to landscaping repairs at the promoter's expense. Though the damage costs about $50,000 more than last year, it's far less than the $800,000 in damage in 2011.

    Christy Webber Landscapes is placing turf on the Lower Hutchinson Field on the corner of Balbo Avenue and Columbus Drive. Sod or seed also needs to be planted at Butler Field east of Columbus Drive.

    As part of an agreement between Lollapalooza and the Chicago Park District, "an independent party" is responsible for restoring the park to its "pre-festival condition."

    C3 Presents, Lollapalooza's promoters, haven't indicated a specific date when the repairs will be complete, but said in a media release that Upper Hutchinson would be the "first priority" to get it repaired for "upcoming events."