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Library Determining Next Step after Sculpture Thefts

Statues valued at roughly $15,000 were melted down, sold as scrap for less than $270, police said



    Library Determining Next Step after Sculpture Thefts

    The Waukegan Public Library is trying to figure out what to do next after it found out sculptures stolen from their property have been melted down as scrap metal.

    Library officials notified the public of the May 30 sculpture thefts through its Facebook Page June 1. In an update Thursday, the library announced the statues could not be recovered.

    Waukegan police said the statues, valued at an estimated $15,000 were stolen and sold as scrap to JB Metals in Chicago, where the thieves were paid $268.80, and the sculptures were melted down, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Police arrested Daniel R. Ramos, 30 in connection with the theft. Authorities said he confessed.

    The two statues were part of Waukegan Public Library's Simpson Sculpture Garden, a collection of 11 sculptures meant to capture memories and stories of reading, according to the library's website.

    Ramos was charged with one felony count of theft of government property and is being held on $50,000 bail. Another suspect in connection with the theft remains at large.

    The library says it will be contacting the statues' sponsors "to determine the next steps for possible replacement."