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Kevin Trudeau Released From Jail



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    Kevin Trudeau

    After six days in jail, Kevin Trudeau will sleep in his own bed Monday night. The TV pitchman walked out of jail shortly before 6 p.m.

    Judge Robert Gettleman ordered the TV pitchman be released from MCC today, but not before making him go on the record, to deny that he knows about any more accounts or assets.

    "I'd have a greater comfort if I know he's under oath," Gettleman said. "If a reciever or FTC digs up other assets, you could be charged or convicted of perjury," Gettleman reiterated before giving Trudeau a chance to speak.

    Under oath, Trudeau again insisted there are no other accounts out there, and that the profits from all of his entities "have not been funneled off to undiclosed bank accounts".

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    TV pitchman headed back to jail until he pays FTC.
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    During his six day incarceration, the reciever recieved bank statements from at least three other entities, but said the documents were "incomplete." At least one account offered a surprise, since it previously had no money, and now suddenly has $30,000.

    Gettleman said he believes that Trudeau is only being helpful with information that has already been dug up by the receiver.

    "You are not out of the woods yet," Gettleman warned Trudeau before allowing him to trade in his orange jumpsuit for his signature navy blue suit.

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    Gettleman said he feels Trudeau should be allowed to prepare for his trial on criminal contempt charges that begins next week, and that he feels Trudeau will be more helpful to the receiver if he's not in jail.

    The Federal Trade Commission several years ago won a judgment against Trudeau that's grown to be about $37 million.