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Kevin Fox Agrees to Pay Tipster

Tipster will recieve and undiclosed amount



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    A year after his daughter's killer pleaded guilty, Kevin Fox has decided to pay the tipster whose information led to the murder conviction.

    The family's attorney, Kathleen Zellner said in a statement emailed to the Chicago Tribune that Fox decided to pay an undisclosed amount after an investigation into Trisha Kiefer's 5-year delay in coming forward.

    Fox and his family refused last year to pay $100,000 to Kiefer, the former girlfriend of Scott Eby, who was convicted of killing 3-year-old Riley Fox. The girl was kidnapped from her Wilmington home in 2004, raped and murdered.

    Fox was considered the top suspect when the investigation began. He served 8 months in prison for her murder before DNA evidence exonerated him. Fox and his wife, Melissa, were awarded $15.5 million for false arrest and malicious prosecution in December 2007.