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Cows on the Highway

Several cows herded off the highway



    Cows on the Highway
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    This California cow doesn't look so happy -- maybe that's why they'll be shooting "Happy Cow" commerical footage in New Zealand.

    Holy cow, what a mess.

    State police had to help herd about 16 head of cattle off I-94 and State Road 49, after a truck driver transporting livestock from Michigan to Milwaukee, rear-ended another truck just before midnight, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    35-year-old David Moss of Holland, Michigan was talking on his CB radio when he hit the truck in front of him. The collision ignited a fire, which caused the tires of the trailer to explode, which then blew out  the bottom of the aluminum trailer. 

    In all 34 heads of cattle were on the trailer, some died and some had to be put down due to the extend of their injuries.  Moss escaped the fire by jumping out of his truck’s window.

    State police cited Moss, who drives for J.P Express in Dorr, Michigan.