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Groupon's Flower Deal Wilts

Prices appear to have been marked up for deal



    Groupon's Flower Deal Wilts

    Groupon users are revolting against a flowery deal posted on the discount website.

    Nearly 3,300 people bought a coupon that offered $20 off of $40 worth of flowers and gifts from FTD florists just days before Valentines' Day.

    Groupon directed its members to a special link on FTD's website,, to receive the special offer, but buyers are saying the deal was a complete scam.

    According to the site's users, who fired off on the comments section, the prices were higher on FTD's Groupon website, which diminished the savings you received when purchasing the coupon.

    One user wrote: "What a scam. The ftd groupon site has a price $10-20 more than their own site," and another agreed commenting "Yes - groupon, refund my money!"

    Another issue with the 'deal' -- many buyers found that bouquets would not be delivered before February 15, the day after Valentines' Day.

    According to CNN, both Groupon and FTD acknowledged that the deal was confusing and apologized.

    FTD set up a phone line specifically for Groupon customer care: 855-645-6214 and Groupon said customers are welcome to email for a credit or refund.