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Field Museums 'Extreme Mammals' Exhibit Now Open

Explore the evolution of odd and unusual animals.



    Field Museums 'Extreme Mammals' Exhibit Now Open
    © AMNH D. Finnin/ Field Museum
    Macrauchenia- One of the oddest-looking mammals that ever lived with a camel-like body and a giraffe-like neck, it had one of the most extreme noses: a long, flexible trunk, similar to that of an elephant. Macrauchenia went extinct around 10,000 years ago.

    Want wear a saber-toothed tiger's fangs? How about donning the tusks of a giant hippo? You can!

    Take a blast to the past and explore the world of Extreme Mammals, an exhibit opening Friday at Chicago’s Field Museum.

    Get your chance to learn more about mammals through fossils, specimens, skeletons and vivid reconstructions, according to the Field Museum website.

    Touchable-models will be on display as well as computer animations and hands-on activities for the whole family to enjoy.

    The new exhibit encompasses the world of mammals-the known and unknown. Exhibit goers will explore the ancestry and evolution of an array of species, both living and extinct.

    After exploring the ancient mammals explore new mammal species discovered each year by the Field Museum scientists, who work to document and protect them.

    Exhibit highlights include:

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    • Introduction
    • What is a Mammal?
    • What is Extreme?
    • Head to Tail
    • Reproduction
    • Mammals in Motion
    • Extreme Isolation
    • Extreme Climates
    • Extreme Extinction
    • Mammal Discoveries

    Tickets for the exhibit can be purchased in two bundle options: 

    • Discovery Pass, Extreme Mammals $22 for adults, $15 for children (3-11), and $18 for students and seniors (65+) and the 
    • All Access Pass $29 for adults, $20 for children (3-11), and $24 for students and seniors (65+).  

    The Field Museum is open everyday except Christmas and offers several hotel packages to make your Extreme Mammals experience even more extreme.  Plan your visit here.  

    The exhibit is open from May 25, 2012 through January 6, 2013.

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