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Fireworks Expert Shot in Foot During Safety Demonstration

Laura Barros suffered a small burn on her foot due to a firework tipping over



    Laura Barros, the assistant executive director of the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, was hurt when a fireworks demonstration went badly and a ball of flame hit her leg. (Published Tuesday, July 3, 2012)

    A fireworks safety expert got a firsthand lesson on how dangerous the explosives can be after a canister holding a firework tipped over, and shot her in the foot.

    "It felt like a sharp pin, and then like a burn," said Assistant Executive Director of the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Laura Barros.

    The projectile left a visible burn. The incident occurred at a press conference to warn about the dangers of firework.

    At the end of the press conference, Hillside Fire Chief Michael Kuryla put two canisters, which resembled Roman Candle style fireworks, on a shipping pallet. One of those canisters tipped on its side and shot it's incindiary pellets into the gathered crowd. 

    "Instead of a flaming ball shooting in the air, they started shooting at us," Kurlya said after the fact. "As you can see, this is very unfortunate, and not meant to be part of any demonstration."

    Kuryla noted how fireworks can fire in the wrong places, even with trained hands doing the lighting.

    Barros added that danger can be present with fireworks even under the best conditions.

    "This was as safe as you could have made it and it still happened," she added

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