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Get in the Trunk, I'll Drive You to Jail

Pointing a gun at his ex costs Gary man a straight trip to jail



    Get in the Trunk, I'll Drive You to Jail
    There's a lot of space back there.

    He asked her for a ride while holding a gun, she gave him a lift straight to jail.

    Roosevelt G. Patterson, of the 1000 block of Clark Road in Gary, was arrested by local police on Thursday after he showed up at his estranged girlfriend’s house, breaking a protective order that barred him from getting anywhere near her, the Sun-Times reported.

    Patterson, 30, asked the woman to give him a ride home. When she refused he pointed a pellet gun at her and demanded a lift.

    The woman was then able to trick Patterson into hiding in her car’s trunk, promising that she wouldn't turn him into cops if he promised to behave.

    Well, she lied.

    With Patterson safely locked in the cargo hold, the woman went to a Gary police station. The first thing Patterson saw when the trunk reopened was a cache of cops.

    Patterson was charged with stalking, criminal confinement and intimidation.