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80 'Deadbeat Dads' Arrested

The 80 men together owe more than $1.7 million in unpaid child support, police say



    80 'Deadbeat Dads' Arrested
    Cook County Sheriff
    Cleveland Keys Jr (L) and Byron Portis (C) are among the 80 men that were arrested in connection with the "deadbeat dads" sweep to find dads who owe child support. David Fisher (R) is among those who the Cook County Sheriff's office is still looking for.

    Eighty "deadbeat dads" were apprehended since the beginning of June for failing to pay child support, the Cook County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

    The 80 men together owe more than $1.7 million in unpaid child support.

    Those arrested include Cleveland Keys Jr., 46, who owes over $213,600 in unpaid child support, the highest of all those arrested. Others include Byron Portis, 29, who owes more than $59,000. When Portis was arrested in his Chicago town home, investigators found more than $44,000 in a bag, as well as four loaded firearms.

    Yaser Hadidi, 51, was arrested for the fifth time in connection to his failure to pay $50,935.48 in child support. Hadidi was also arrested in May by Cook County Sheriff's detectives for LINK card fraud.

    Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said in a statement that while the operation was a success, the office is still looking for the public's assistance in apprehending more child support fugitives.

    Among those the Sheriff's department is still looking for is David Fisher, 45, who owes $243,569 in back child support.

    The bulk of the "deadbeat dads" were apprehended just in time for Father's Day.

    "It's particularly troubling to think that even on Father's Day - a day intended to honor one of the two most important people in a child's life - there are men, continuously shirking their duties and failing to provide basic financial assistance for their children," Dart said in a statement. "I'm happy that our office is sending a message to all deadbeat parents - support your kids, or we're coming after you."