Chicago Terror Suspect Said "Good Job" on Mumbai: Prosecutors - NBC Chicago

Chicago Terror Suspect Said "Good Job" on Mumbai: Prosecutors



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    The Chicago man accused of helping organize the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges Wednesday.

    The Chicago businessman already charged in a plot to attack Danish newspapers also knew of the Mumbai terror attacks before they happened, prosecutors said today.

    In a court filing this afternoon, prosecutors said a Sept 7, 2009 intercepted recording between the businessmen, Tahawwur Rana and his friend David Headley, reveals a Pakistani major told Rana and Headley of the planned assaults days before they occured.

    The major, Abdur Rehman, was charged Dec. 7th in the Danish plot.

    Rana, meanwhile, is due in court Tuesday in a bid to be freed from jail pending his trial for the Danish plot. Prosecutors say they are still investigating Rana and submitted the filing to show he should remain confined.

    “It is quite clear Rana is no Gandhi,” prosecutors wrote.

    Rana has not been charged in connection to Mumbai.

    Headley, who is cooperating with the government, also told the FBI that Pakistani officers are working directly with jihadists, according to the Times of India.

    If true, this would be the first outside confirmation of the involvement of Pakistani army officers in planning and executing terrorist attacks against India.

    According to the Times: "During their discussions with FBI, the Indian side told them about their strong suspicion that Headley was present in the Karachi control room from which the Lashkar leadership choreographed the 26/11 terror attacks. The FBI team said this was not borne out by the evidence in their possession but the Indian side has asked the US agency to check a few facts which they have promised to do."

    Last week, a retired Pakistani military official was added to the terror charges against Headley by federal prosecutors in Chicago.

    India is currently seeking Headley's extradition.