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Daley "Rants" About Olympics Hose-Job

"In rare form"



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    Mayer Daley ranted about the lost Olympic bid.

    All politics and money.

    That, according to a Chicago Tribune report, is Mayor Daley's lasting complaint about the International Olympic Committee's decision to doink Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid.

    All politics and money.

    You'd think that would have worked to Chicago's advantage. Who knows politics and money better than us? And who but our mayor is an expert in both fields?

    But that was the gist of a "rant" the mayor went on last week at the final meeting of Chicago 2016 volunteers, according to sources who spoke to the Tribune - sources who were there, but spoke on the condition of anonymity presumably out of (legitimate) fear of mayoral pique.

    "He started by saying we spent $75 million, and the next city was going to have to spend $100 million, and we didn't even have a chance," one source told the paper. "It was all politics and all money. All politics and all money. (The IOC) didn't care about the athletes, and they didn't care about the quality of the bid."

    The supreme irony: Chicago blew the Olympics because it got the politics wrong.

    "He looked angry, and he was angry," a source told the Tribune. Another source said Daley was "in rare form."

    But an angry Daley isn't rare - though a losing Daley is.

    Steve Rhodes is the proprietor ofThe Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.