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Daley Invokes Brown Victory in Argument for Job Creation

It's the economy, stupid



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    The City Council approved Mayor Richard Daley's budget 38 to 12 on Wednesday. The decision means all non-union city employees will be forced to take 24 unpaid days -- including aldermen and Daley himself.

    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley told a group of mayors today that they’ve got to focus on jobs, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Speaking at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Daley invoked last night’s stunning Massachusetts senate election as evidence that Americans are concerned about jobs.

    "Job creation is the key and we heard it yesterday from Massachusetts very strongly," Daley said, referring to Scott Brown's taking of Edward M. Kennedy long-held senate seat.

    The mayor used his time at the podium to implore his cohorts to educate the federal government that cities and towns are suffering.

    As evidence, he pointed to a recently released jobs report, created for the mayors’ group, that said the unemployment rate in 105 metro areas would exceed 10 percent by the end of 2011.