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Couple Sues After Child Who Took Infant Tylenol Dies

The lawsuit claims the 3-month-old died after taking infant Tylenol



    Couple Sues After Child Who Took Infant Tylenol Dies
    Parents are suing Johnson & Johnson and McNeil PPC after the death of their 3-month-old due to contaminated infant-formula liquid Tylenol. Some versions of infant Tylenol were pulled because of problems with a device that helps measure dosing.

    Parents of a local 3-month-old are taking legal action after they said their child died taking contaminated infant-formula liquid Tylenol.

    The infant, Markus Cherry, received a prescription for Tylenol after receiving vaccinations at a checkup in April 2010, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Tylenol was given to relieve any discomfort from the shots, and Markus left the pediatrician's office with a clean bill of health, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County against McNeil PPC and Johnson & Johnson by Markus' parents. The infant became sick shortly after and died three days later.

    Two weeks after the boy's death, the FDA found bacteria contamination in the drugs, issuing a recall for Tylenol Infant Drops. The lawsuit claims, however, the company issued a “stealth recall,” hiring a private company to buy the entire stock of the tainted drugs from retailers instead of making a formal recall notice and warning consumers not to buy the drugs.

    The contaminated drugs were found at the Fort Washington, Pa., plant.