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Acquaintance Offers Organ Donation Via Text Message



    When a Hyde Park pharmacy employee learned that a co-worker's daughter needed an immediate transplant, she made a crucial decision. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009)

    When doctors told a Chicago couple that their little girl, Raquel needed a new liver, Melvin and Coral Grinage weren't sure where to turn. Neither parent matched their daughter's blood type and it looked like waiting was their only option.

    Then they got a text message.

    After hearing about Raquel's condition and talking with her husband, Coral's co-worker Catherine Ortiz texted to say she wanted to help.

    "I just texted her that I would be willing to find out if we had the matching blood type," said Ortiz. As it turned out, she was a perfect match for the baby.

    Even though Ortiz barely knew the Grinages, she underwent the eight-hour surgery to remove a quarter of her liver for 11-month-old Raquel.

    A mother herself, Ortiz said, "I feel very lucky to have my son and I wanted her to have the same opportunities that I have."