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Chelios Could Beat DUI Charge

Judge says there wasn't probable cause to arrest him



    Chelios Could Beat DUI Charge
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    Chris Chelios


    Let’s go to the instant replay …
    Former Blackhawk Chris Chelios likely will be allowed to stay on the road, a DuPage Judge ruled Wednesday after viewing video of his DUI arrest.  
    Chelios was scheduled to lose his license for a year because he refused a Breathalyzer test during a traffic stop in December 2008.
    But Judge Cary Pierce ruled that prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to suspend his driving privileges, the Daily Herald reports.
    "After viewing the video in its totality, there has to be probable cause, and there you (the state) are a little short," Pierce said.
    During the stop, Chelios admitted to having a few drinks that night, but completed several field sobriety tests.
    He did sway slightly during an exercise in which he had to stand on one foot, but told the officer that he had nine knee operations in his 25-year-hockey career.
    Chelios, however, refused the breath test, and that leads to an automatic suspension unless a judge overrules it.
    The current Chicago Wolves player said he understands that DUI is serious.
    "I understand the severity of the charges. I am a responsible person. I have lost friends, like (former Blackhawk) Keith Magnuson, to it and this hits close to home,” he said.
    His lawyer will file to have the charges dropped next week.