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"Butt Dialing" Leads to SWAT Team Sweep

Accidental call leads woman to believe husband held hostage



    "Butt Dialing" Leads to SWAT Team Sweep

    An accidental pocket call is typically no more than a nuisance, but this week it led to a misunderstanding worthy of a sitcom.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the SWAT team was called out to Carleton Washburne School in Winnetka after a woman received an accidental call from her husband who works there. Police say she received a "disturbing, garbled call," as he was driving home, with music in the background with "lyrics that were gangster-like."

    The SWAT team -- 30 gun-toting officers in full riot gear -- surrounded the school thinking the man was being held hostage, the newspaper reported. The situation didn't end until the man was found safe at home three hours later.

    Police didn't say how much money the false alarm cost, but did put a positive spin on the situation, saying it was good training for the officers.