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Boystown Deer Find New Home

The family of deer who made their home in the Boystown neighborhood have been moved



    Boystown Deer Find New Home
    A mother deer and her two fawns find shelter behind a Boystown apartment building.

    The mother deer and two fawns that settled in Boystown earlier this month have found a new home.

    The family of deer were moved Saturday morning by Chicago Animal Care and Control to a new location in the city with more space for them to roam, according to Chicago Wildlife News.

    Moving the animals, known as "Operation Doe A Deer," required animal control to tranquilize the mother and take the two fawns in blankets.

    The deer were reunited shortly after the move. The fawns reportedly seem to be doing well.

    Animal Care and Control worked closely with wildlife experts from across the country, as well as experts from the Lincoln Park Zoo to make sure the move went well. They made sure the tranquilizer wouldn't prevent the mother from nursing and wouldn't affect the fawns, Cherie Travis, executive director at ACC, told Chicago Wildlife News.

    The decision to move the deer came last week when people in the area started feeding the deer apples and milk.