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Boy Coaxed to Put Nude Videos Online: Cops

The 10-year-old Indiana boy received requests for pictures on YouTube



    Boy Coaxed to Put Nude Videos Online: Cops
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    Police in Porter County, Ind., are looking for child pornographers after a 10-year-old boy uploaded nude videos of himself on YouTube. 

    Officers say those requesting the images posed as young girls, according to Northwest Indiana Times.

    The boy's mother called police after she found the emails requesting the videos. The boy told police he found the messages Friday night, made a nude video of himself and posted it online.

    He says he was told that if he posted a video, one would be sent to him in return. After posting the first video, he received more than a dozen requests for additional videos of himself.

    The suspected child pornographer told the boy that if he didn't send more videos, they would turn him into the FBI. Others threatened to send the videos to his friends and classmates.

    The boy's parents revoked his computer privileges.

    The case remains under investigation.