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Audio Tapes Released in Squad Car Theft

"I'd rather be dead than go to jail," said the suspect when he radioed police



    Audio Tapes Released in Squad Car Theft
    William Francis Blankenship III

    The conversations over a police scanner between an officer and and the man who allegedly stole a squad car in Kouts, Ind., have been released.

    William Blankenship, 22, somehow got away with the cruiser after a Kouts police officer arrested him on a drug related stop last week, Porter County Sheriff's Department officials said.

    Two days after being on the run, a Porter County officer can be heard on the police scanner asking Blankenship to turn himself in, according tapes obtained by the Northwest Indiana Times.

    "Yeah, I'm going to have to say negative on that one. I got a little boy at home," Blankenship said. "I ain't going to jail for some (expletive) that ain't mine."

    During the 15-minute recording, Blankenship can also be heard asking for the keys to unlock his handcuffs and a cigarette lighter.

    Blankenship surrendered to police after hiding for four days.

    To hear the recordings, click here.