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16-Year-Old Faces Adult Charges in Sex Attack

A 16-year-old girl is charged with assaulting a 17-year-old boy with special needs



    16-Year-Old Faces Adult Charges in Sex Attack
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    David Wilcox will serve six years. Tuesday, his wife and son will be sentenced.

    One of two Indiana teens charged with luring a 17-year-old boy with special needs and assaulting him will be prosecuted as an adult.

    April Kutchta, 16, of the 300 block of Roseland Terrace, faces felony charges that include criminal deviate conduct, criminal confinement, intimidation and sexual battery.

    The first two offenses are serious enough that adult charges stand without a typical waiver process, Deputy Prosecutor Tim Haraminac told the Northwest Indiana Times.

    The 14-year-old girl also was charged with battery and confinement charges, including charges from earlier unrelated events.

    Kuchta is accused of luring the boy via text message to her home and leading him by knifepoint to the kitchen where he was handcuffed and poked with a knife. The teen then allegedly forced the boy to make humiliating statements while recording the actions on her cell phone and sexually assaulting the boy in addition to pleading with him for sex, according to reports.

    The boy allegedly was left handcuffed for two hours and covered by a blanket. He also allegedly had his mouth stuffed with tissue and taped shut by the younger teen. The girls also are accused of inviting others to witness the incident.

    An unidentified male was said to have freed the boy before he was recaptured by Kutcha.